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Your goal

You are the lubricating oil that ensures that the chain runs smoothly. Swapfiets stands for carefree cycling; you have the honor to make a lot of people happy with this. You are the one who can manage all the things at the same time, the one who stays relaxed in a stress situation and still keeps smiling every day to ensure that we will have a lot of happy customers in your city. 

You ensure that the bike comes to the customer and that the customers continue to be surprised by the crazy service. You are responsible for the daily operation of your city and know how to respond to different situations such as a broken car, a ''Swapper'' who overslept and an unexpected snow shower. 

This is how you reach your goal

  • You are responsible for the daily operation in your city.

  • You do this together with an army of Swappers, who are committed to the awesome service for the customer. Swappers are your colleagues who bring the bikes around and make the customers very happy day in and day out.

  • You select the best Swappers and give them a nice place in your well-functioning and motivated team.

  • For them you facilitate a pleasant working environment, so that all Swappers find this the nicest (additional) job.

  • You make and complete the weekly schedules and ensure that all Swappers are always aware of important updates, such as feedback and information sessions.

  • You are the link between the Swapper, the customer and the Regional Manager.

This makes you better than just good

  • You have previously worked with a team of young part-timers and get a lot of energy from them.

  • You have a network of local enthusiasts who persuades you to come and work at Swapfiets.

  • You do not like to close your day before your schedule is tight and smooth and everyone knows what he / she is up to.

  • You prefer to work independently and can therefore make the right decisions.

  • Everyone knows directly what they have to you, you always communicate clearly and honestly.

  • You think about all the best for the customer and how your Swappers can work the best.

  • You are also the one who on the street just turns off the bicycle lights of someone who has forgotten.

  • You live (and studied) in Copenhagen and speak Danish fluently. 

This is what you get to start off with

Salary that suits your ambitions

Your very own Swapfiets

Travel allowance

Freedom and responsibility 

Vacation days

Ambitious, young and enthusiastic colleagues

You get a lot of freedom to perform your job. You are also responsible for your own Swappers team that you have put together yourself.

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De sollicitatieprocedure

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